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Our dataset

We work closely with a variety of partner providers including the popular Reporting Accounts website which gives us access to up to date data on 4 million plus websites we then supplement this data with our own sources to give an even more enriched data set.

We work hard at expanding this data by adding more historic data and data gathered from other sources including wikipedia, and national news publications such as the BBC, Dailymail, Telegraph and the Guardian.

Our dataset is not perfect, but we have an inhouse team constantly reviewing it to try and improve it constantly.

Our Mission being to provide you our users with the best and most reliable data source possible.

Report and accounts is the blog for our main provider and is a useful place to check for updates on business also, their search output results are similar to ours but enhanced in different ways, so it is always worth checking over there aswell to get the best possible overview of a particular company you may be going for an interview with.

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